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Dietro ad ogni prodotto c'è un mondo

Fruit purees are our main product, but we also produce apple juices in Apfelsaft version for the Nordic market. Fruit purees are intended as semi-finished products for the Baby Food, beverage, and confectionery industries, and they are available in types related to standards coded according to different protocols/conductions:

      • Conventional

      • Baby Food (or Residue Zero)

      • Organic

      • Organic Baby Food

    As one can imagine, the standards, especially for Organic and Organic Baby Food, are particularly strict, and our great effort is to ensure that we provide our customers with products of the highest quality without any critical issues.

    “How do we achieve these standards? It is a lengthy and complex process that involves creating a supply chain in close collaboration with the suppliers. That’s why it is crucial to know and select agricultural companies capable of ensuring quality. That’s why we are always out visiting our partner companies: in doing so, we establish a highly effective control structure based on synergy. On the other hand, without a spirit of cooperation, it would not have been possible to support our suppliers in their organic conversion journey and build a strong supply network.”

    Together with our suppliers, we define the protocols and treatment schedules that they subscribe to, which respond to different standards in order to ensure the quality of our product right from its origins. In addition to the protocols, we define the analyses to be carried out at the time of harvest, which we subsequently complete when the fruit reaches our facility to ensure that the transformation process occurs with products that meet the required quality levels.