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From a visionary madman to a courageous pioneer

“I have always had the obsession with transformation… and I used to tell myself: with this high-quality potential, we can create extraordinary products. However, everyone around me thought I was crazy. We were doing well as we were, so why take a leap into the unknown? It was madness.

There were many uncertainties, and it was an unfamiliar market. But I am stubborn… We took the plunge, and in 2009, we began the transformation.”

The investment was enormous for that time, and it was again a very tough period. Besides the expenses for the facility investments, there were ongoing costs with initial economic results that would only come after a year.

Yet, we managed to overcome that period, seeking clients, building a new market, and being very attentive, precise, and at the same time ensuring maximum flexibility towards our partners. Paola and I devoted ourselves entirely without ever losing heart.

Our capacity for short and long-term vision and management paid off; little by little, new satisfactions arrived, and since then, the growth has never stopped.