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Believing in Organic

Our company was one of the first, a true pioneer in the industry, to believe in and obtain organic certification from the CCPB control body in 1992. This allowed us to gain experience that played a significant role in our ability to ensure the quality of our product and support our suppliers in converting their crops to obtain the raw materials that meet our standards.

“Often, when we tell our customers that we have been organic since 1992, they are surprised… but it’s because we have always believed in it. The experience gained over the years in continuously improving organic production makes a difference, and today, 80% of the fruit we process is for our organic sector. This also means being able to guarantee high and consistent quality standards.”.

The organic choice has distinguished us for years. Through organic farming, it becomes possible to achieve that delicate balance between humans and the environment, which is essential to envision a sustainable future on this planet. The final result of this process is fruit purees with excellent nutritional qualities achieved through processes that preserve the environment and our habitat.

The growth of our company in recent years is not only achieved through organic certification but also through the acquisition of other equally important certifications to ensure the quality of our processes and products:

    • Demeter
    • (certification related to biodynamic production)

    • Bio Cina (2018 – certification authorizing the sale of organic food in the Chinese market)

    • Kosher (certification of compliance of facilities and food products with Jewish dietary laws)

    • Sedex (certification related to labor conditions and safety)

    • Halal (2020 – certification of compliance of processes and products with Islamic values and criteria in the food industry)