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Research never ends
(nor do product analyses)

Over the years, we have witnessed an evolution towards increasingly stringent requirements in the Babyfood sector, especially in the Organic Babyfood segment (semi-finished products intended for organic infant products).

Research plays a crucial role in studying new potentially harmful active ingredients for humans, which necessitates verifying their possible presence in the products we manufacture. Furthermore, while certain substances may be tolerated up to a certain threshold in organic products for adult consumers, these thresholds are significantly lowered for Organic Babyfood.

“The highly restrictive standards related to the production of Organic Babyfood mean more work and higher costs. However, for us, they are also a positive challenge because they provide the foundation for constant improvement. It demonstrates that we can succeed compared to less prepared, less precise, and less transparent competitors. This also ensures maximum flexibility towards our customers”.

Once again, seriousness pays off, but innovation is equally important. That’s why in 2021, we equipped ourselves with an internal laboratory, which allows us to:

      • Conduct one analysis every hour,

      • Correct any critical issues in real-time,

      • Create a technical sheet that tracks the progress of certain parameters (pH, acidity, Brix level) throughout the production process,

      • Perform microbiological analyses to ensure a 100% sterile facility.

    In addition to the analyses carried out on fruit samples from incoming loads and those requested by our clients on the final products, both conducted by certified laboratories, we have also equipped ourselves with:

        • An amylograph to establish, with increasing certainty, the optimal ripening point of the fruit.

        • A specific instrument to measure the density of black spots in the puree, resulting from the apple and pear skins.

        • A tool to identify the color of the puree, to determine how closely it aligns with the required standards.

      Moreover, we continuously engage in research projects from an agronomic perspective. For example, one study investigates the differences in soils across different areas and suppliers. This research is conducted in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Turin and in synergy with farmers.

      La Manta Foods is, therefore, a continuous work in progress towards quality, safety, and reliability.